who i am

We have always been convinced that luxury is a requirement for the human soul. In today's western world's chaotic life, the real luxury is to have a bit of time every day we can use to devote to the contemplation and elevation of our own thoughts. A brief moment every day that we can spend in pleasant idleness, but with a sweeter taste as a "doing without stress". This is the concept "otium: leisure", taken from the ancient romans, which resembles a state of relaxed mental productivity, a state of idea creation beneficial for both, our body and soul.


My name is Alberto, I was born in 1967 and currently live and work in Torino. Destiny has made me understand that taking care of plants and flowers is a real therapy for our wellbeing. And that immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature transmits positive energy: "Otium; leisure" is the best way to free ourselves from stress, which I consider the slavery of modern man. Because of this I have named my company, Mensarius, the character in ancient Rome who fought against slavery, and Mensarius the same name of the parent company that has conceived Curiosando in Giardino.


There isn't a better place to devote time to "otium" than a green space: a park, a luxurious garden, a terrace with a panoramic view, a romantic veranda or simply a city balcony. A green space is the ideal place in which we can cultivate our own soul with the help of plants.


Thus I would like to transmit a sensation of wellbeing to everyone who visits Curiosando in Giardino, treating them like a host of honour, making them feel like at home. On the other hand, the symbol of Curiosando in Giardino is made up of 2 trees united by their foliage, which revokes two mythological characters, Filemone and Bauci, who made the act "welcoming" a true lifestyle.