what i do

Curiosando in Giardino is a place devoted for those who like to be surrounded by nature and beautiful simple things, and would like to find a moment of contemplation within themselves. Not only will you be able to admire beautiful and inspiring images of green spaces on our photo gallery, but visitors will also find a space for otium: leisure, in our blog, "In the Mood for Green" where they will be able to read interesting information and comments about gardening, botanics and plant care in office spaces, flower decorations and many other places.


Curiosando in Giardino is also an online store where you can find all type of products to make your green space more special. Here you can find indoor and outdoor vases, baskets, garden lights, chairs and tables, fountains, nests and bird feeders, articles for picnics, antiques and curiosities. All our products are thought with one idea in mind: The desire to create an environment of dreams and emotions.


Curiosando in Giardino will also offer help in choosing the best plants, accessories and furniture for your garden. We offer integral services, custom made for your needs that include “packs” for setup and maintenance which is essential when working with living things like plants. Curiosando in Giardino is gardening and other wonders.